About Us

Champions Collective

The owners of Champions Collective Mitch and John have been collecting sports memorabilia and cards for over 20 years. In fact John had his first NBA card purchased for him from his mother when he was only 6 years old. This along with a combined 40 years of basketball playing time, its fair to say the partners of Champions Collective really know basketball!

This extreme passion for the NBA and the sport of basketball quickly bled into a love for other American sports such as NFL, NHL and MLB. Before too long Mitch and John became the local experts in USA sports, and they always knew one day this would translate into their business lives.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Champions Collective boys dream of having a business in the exciting world of sports memorabilia began! With their combined knowledge of sport along with years of experience in the corporate world, Champions Collective was born.

Although the Champions Collective team knew that they needed to stand out from the crowd, having only the best customer service in the industry wasn’t going to be enough. So through 100’s of hours of late night research and tireless efforts to improve the standard of the sports memorabilia industry in Australia, the secret sauce became so simple!

Unlike most of the industry in Australia and around the world, Champions Collective decided they will ONLY supply Authentic and Branded Replica memorabilia to its customers. This meant no custom unbranded products which meant only the best and highest quality of memorabilia fit their strict quality control criteria. But this wasn’t enough for Mitch and John, Champions Collective needed to be more than just high quality authentic and branded memorabilia, it also had to be affordable for the every day Joe! Until now sports memorabilia was reserved for fans with high disposable income, but it didn’t have to be this way….

Rather than focusing on making money, Champions Collective wants to see every passionate enthusiast in Australia have the collection of their dreams! So whether it be an Authentic autographed NBA jersey from the all time dunk master Vince Carter, or game worn NFL helmet from Tom Brady, Champions Collective want to help make this dream a reality.

So if you are as passionate about sport and memorabilia as Mitch and John at Champions Collective, never let good enough be enough, play like a Champion TODAY!

Memorabilia Has Never Been This Good!